Jetty and Pontoon Specialists

Whether you have an existing jetty or pontoon that needs refurbishing or you would like to start from scratch, Ned and his team have the solution for you.


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About N.G.D Waterworks

NGD WaterWorks strives to build for the future. The company has a team focused on the small details that make your summer day on your waterfront as enjoyable and trouble free as possible. We offer all different kinds or services to suit your individual needs in the Sydney region, servicing all waterfronts from the magnificent Sydney Harbour to the Beautiful South Coast of Sydney.

NGD can also complete maintenance on your Jetty, Slipway and Pontoon. Common things that are missed with general maintenance are: 

  • Rusted out brackets or extreme wearing
  • Structural damage to the piles 
  • Rusty Cables, shackles, swages etc.
  • Cracks in fibreglassing (from being hit and/or mistreated)
  • Large amounts of marine growth 
  • All ‘Through Hull Fixings’ eg: Vents and cleats etc. for signs of silicone breaking down 
  • Signs of rot

Maintenance is important! Don't let poor maintenance cost you a beautiful summer on the water.

This is NGD

The NGD Waterworks initial enquiry includes:

  • A 1 hour site inspection
  • An in depth quote with expenses itemised
  • Projected start and finish dates
  • If we proceed, a $500 voucher to your next project


NGD Waterworks projected that our Jetty and Pontoon would take 3 weeks to complete from start to finish. After meeting that timeline, we could not be happier with the result. I would highly reccommend NGD to everyone in the area, good workmanship and I am thoroughly happy.

- Peter, Port Hacking

Ned came out to inspect and quote a jetty and pontoon out the front of our house. He looked at what our needs were and helped us design what we needed for functionality and usability. 

- Darren, Port Hacking